Chapter Nineteen: Forward

“You gave me amnesia?” said Virgil as he and Rona walked out of the hospital.

“I didn’t mean to.  I didn’t even know that I did. I just tried to ease some of the pain and fear,” said Rona.

“I lost a week of my life!”

“But you got it back. I’m sorry. I didn’t even realize that it was my fault until, well, just now,” said Rona.

“Then you blamed me!” said Virgil.

“I said I was sorry, alright,” said Rona.

“You mind wiped  me.”

“Look, Weiner-boy–” began Rona, but something caught her eye. A long, 1980’s Cadillac with tinted windows parked across the street. The driver side window rolled down just enough for Rona to see the top of a man’s face, then rolled back up.

Donny Monroe. The Knights of Templar.

“Stay here,” said Rona. She walked across the street and over to the car. Donny rolled down the window as she approached. “What happened to your rapist van? It’s going to be hard to tie me up and throw me in the back of this boat.”

“We got plenty a’ trunk space. And you ain’t that big,” said Donny in his deep, gravelly voice. He flashed Rona a smile.

“Any leads?” asked Rona.

Donny shook his head. “We could use your help.”

“Yeah and it looks like you’ll be getting it,” said Rona, nodding her head with the rhythm of her words. “Your problem just became mine.”

“Hop in,” said Donny. “Scoot over Isaac.”

“First things first. You see my young friend over there? We need to give him a lift home first,” said Rona.

“We’re not a taxi,” said Terrance from the passenger seat. He peered at Virgil out of Donny’s window. “Or babysitters.”

“How do you put up with this guy?” asked Rona, gesturing her chin toward Terrance.

“I learned to tune him out a long time ago. Where does your friend live?” said Donny.


“Who are those guys?” Virgil asked Rona as she crossed back over to him.

“They’re the Knights of Templar,” said Rona, casually.

“Whoa! Are you serious?” said Virgil.

“Yeah. Don’t get excited. They’re a huge letdown,” said Rona. “Listen, I have something to do. We’re going to drop you off at home first.”

“Oh no. I’m coming with you,” said Virgil.

“This isn’t up for debate, Virgil. This could get dangerous and I’d prefer you were back at your house where it’s safe.”

“Who says it’s safe? I just spent the last couple of weeks doing therapy sessions with a demon, okay? I can’t tell the difference. I could accidentally let one in without knowing it; or my parents could. I feel safer being with you than sitting in my room going crazy.”

“This isn’t going to be fun.”

“Rona, you’re not exactly oodles of fun, as it is.”

I’m fun!” Rona placed her hands on her hips and pouted.

Virgil shrugged.

“Alright, you can tag along. First sign of danger and I’m taking you home, got it?” said Rona.

Virgil nodded.

“Also, I need you to be seen, but not heard.”

Virgil made a zipper motion across his lips.

“That’s right, zip it. And keep it zipped.”

She and Virgil made their way over to the car. Rona opened the door for Virgil and motioned for him to get in. Virgil gave her a look.

“I don’t want to sit bitch,” said Virgil distastefully.

“Then call it something else,” said Rona, pushing Virgil by the head and stuffing him in the car. “Sitting ‘pretty’ or sitting ‘awesome’ or something.”

Rona got in after Virgil and shut the door. Virgil felt squeezed between Rona and the massive form of a man on his other side. He chanced a look up at the big man next to him. He looked down at Virgil with an emotionless expression. Virgil averted his gaze immediately.

“I’m Donny.” He stuck out a hand for Virgil to shake. Virgil accepted it.


“Let’s skip the introductions. We’re on the clock,” said Terrance.

“For once, I agree with Senor Sunshine, over here. Let’s get a move on and find Ward and the Blood Gage before other interested parties beat us to it,” said Rona.

Donny obliged, starting the ignition and pulling into the street.

“Any ideas where to start?” asked Donny as he weaved them through traffic. Rona shook her head. “He didn’t give any ideas as to where he might be going or how to contact him? He told me that if I needed to find him, all I had to do was look for him.”

“What the hell does that mean?” asked Terrance.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” said Rona with a shrug. “Don’t you guys have any contacts or connections that could help us?”

“We’ve exhausted ‘em,” said Donny. “Maybe the guy is known ‘round these parts and he thought it might be easy to find him if you just looked.”

“You guys found me, so it shouldn’t be too hard,” said Rona.

You didn’t know we were looking for you. This guy knows we’re after him and he’s gotten pretty good at giving us the slip. We may just have to ask around and see if anybody knows anything,” said Terrance.

They drove around for a while as Terrance called a few of his contacts and asked if they could find anything on Ward. After a series of disappointing conversations, Terrance hung up and shook his head in anger. Donny knew a couple of people around the city and he drove them to meet up with one of them. Everyone waited in the car until Donny returned. His contact had given him a lead, that sent them driving around in circles for over an hour. It didn’t pan out. Frustrated, hungry and in need of a break to regroup, they stopped at a restaurant and ordered some food.

“So, what are we looking for exactly, anyway?” asked Virgil.

Rona made a zipping motion across her lips.

“It’s something called: The Blood Gage,” said Donny as he cut into his steak.

“What’s that?” asked Virgil.

“It’s an amulet. A long time ago, there was a war between Heaven and Hell, that took place on Earth,” began Donny.

“The Inferno,” said Virgil.

He gave Virgil an impressed look.

“Exactly. During The Inferno, many died. Angels, demons and humans alike. All of the angel, demon and human blood that was spilled during that war was crystalized into this one amulet: The Blood Gage. The Blood Gage has unimaginable power, but its energy is neutral; which means it can be used for either good or evil purposes. It came into our possession hundreds of years ago. We’ve kept watch over it for all of these years. Our job is to make sure that no one uses it for any reason. Ever. It’s been deemed too powerful. But now, it’s been stolen from us. We have to find it and return it back to the Templar base.”

“Whoa. It must be as big as a house!” said Virgil.

Donny chuckled. “Supernatural power is not measured in physical mass. Powerful things can be small.” He motioned toward Rona.

“How do you become a Knight Templar?” asked Virgil.

“We’re not hiring,” said Terrance.

“I think, what the kid is asking is, how on earth did you three stooges get put in charge of this?” asked Rona.

“We all have our own story,” said Donny.

“What’s his story?” asked Rona, pointing at Isaac, who gave her a blank look.

“He doesn’t like you,” said Terrance as he poured dressing on his salad. “None of us do.”

Rona pouted. “Aw, but I love you guys!”

Donny chuckled. “So what’s your story, kid?”

“Me? I’m just a high school kid. Rona is my guardian angel.”

The Templars paused in stunned silence.

“Remember that thing about being seen and not heard?” asked Rona through gritted teeth.

“Right,” said Virgil before biting into his burger.

“Well, that explains…absolutely nothing,” said Terrance.

“And that’s the way it’s gonna’ stay,” said Rona, as she took a forkful of her apple pie a la mode. “What’s the plan from here?”

“Keep searching,” said Terrance.

“Have you guys tried the internet?” asked Virgil.

They all gawked at him.

“Well, that’s what I use when I need to find something or someone. I can try my phone,” said Virgil, taking out his smartphone. “What’s the guy’s name, again.”

“Ward,” said Rona.

“Last name?” asked Virgil.

“No idea.”

“I’ll just search: ‘Ward Denver’ and see what pops up,” said Virgil as he typed it into his phone. “Okay, I’ve got a few different ‘Ward’s that are here in Denver. This one has a picture.” He showed Rona. She shook her head. “Let’s see…one of them is a lawyer; this one is a murderer; this one has a wife and kids. There aren’t that many guys named ‘Ward’ in Denver.”

“ ‘Just look for Ward.’ Those were his exact words. Oracles never say more or less than they need to,” said Rona.

“ ‘Just look for ‘Ward,’” said Virgil, repeating Rona’s words to himself.

“There’s bound to be tons of ‘Ward’s in the world. You can’t just look for ‘Ward,’” said Terrance.

“I’m looking for ‘Ward,’” said Virgil almost to himself. “I’m searching for ‘Ward.’ Looking for ‘Ward.’ Looking forward.” That gave him an idea. He searched the words: “Look Forward.” The name of a company came up in the search. Forward Engineering and Technical Company. “I found a company named ‘Forward.’ They’re motto is ‘Look forward.’ They’re located not far from here, up in Westminster.”

“Look forward,” repeated Rona to herself. She tapped herself on the forehead repeatedly. “His exact words were: ‘Look for Ward.’ Not ‘Look for me’ or ‘Look me up’ or anything like that. He specifically said: ‘Look for Ward.’ And knowing him, I’d say that wasn’t a coincidence. Good work, Teenface.”

“Sounds like you’re reaching just a little bit. Could be a waste of time,” said Donny.

“You got a better idea?”

“What’s the address?”


Isaac picked up the tab for everyone except Rona. Then they made their way to Westminster, the city just north of Denver, was more rural in development. Buildings and houses were more spread out in the area. Donny slowed down from the breakneck speed he’d been driving on the highway and the crew kept an eye out for the building. It didn’t take long to spot the sign: “Forward Engineering and Technical Company” it read. The sign pointed to a short road, leading behind some trees and a couple of small buildings. The road led to a conglomerate of buildings, each of them less than three or four stories. The parking lot was immense—and empty. It looked like all of the employees of the business had gone home for the night. The lights were off in all of the buildings. Donny parked in the middle of the parking lot and killed the engine.

“We should split up, search different buildings. We’ll have better success. If you find him give a holler,” said Donny.

“No,” said Rona. “We stay together. I already told you guys that demons are looking for the Blood Gage also. If you run into them, you won’t stand a chance.”

“Awww, we didn’t know you cared,” said Terrance.

“We’ve handled demons before. We don’t need a nanny,” said Donny.

“Calm down. This is not an attack on your manhood. All I’m saying is that if something happens to you three bozos then I end up on the side of the road with my thumb out. We stay together. We find him and the Blood Gage. And we leave—together.”

“Fair enough,” said Donny, as he opened his door and got out of the car.

“Be careful. I’m sure there are cameras everywhere,” said Terrance.

“Where should we begin?” said Rona as she and Virgil got out of the car. They came and stood next to Donny who was scanning the area expertly.

“If we could get inside, there may be a computer or something that could give us some information,” said Donny.

“There are cameras here. You can bet their alarm system will be top notch. We break anything and the police will be here before we can make it back to the car,” said Terrance. “Let’s search the area first. Maybe there’s a way in where we don’t have to break anything.”

They walked up to the nearest building and peered inside through the glass door. The lights were off and it appeared that no one was there. The facility looked brand new. Virgil could tell just from gazing inside that all of their equipment was state of the art. He wondered why he had never heard of this company before.

“We can stare through this glass all day; the door is never going to open for us,” said Terrance. “It’s getting dark and I would prefer to spend as little time here as possible. Security could be watching these cameras as we speak.”

“We gotta’ start somewhere. Any ideas?” asked Donny.

Terrance thought for a moment. “Rona, can you get to the roof?”

Rona looked up the length of the building then nodded.

“Great. Get to the top and tell us what you see.”

“Okay,” said Rona. She took a few steps back and then ran at full speed toward the building. She leaped into the air and pushed off of the wall with one foot, propelling herself higher, before doing it again with the other foot. In an instant she had scrambled up the side of the building and disappeared over the side, onto the roof.

“So that’s your guardian angel,” said Donny as he stared up in awe at Rona’s feat.

“Yup,” said Virgil.

“She’s got some moves,” said Donny.

“She sure does,” said Virgil, nodding in agreement.

“What’s she supposed to be protecting you from, anyway?” asked Donny.

“Demons. They want to kill me for some reason,” said Virgil. “One of them used to be my psychiatrist.”

“That’s gotta’ be rough,” said Donny.

“That’s nothing,” said Terrance. “Check this is out.” He lifted up his shirt to reveal a scar nearly twelve inches in length that ran from his chest to his stomach. It had healed but the places where it had been stapled shut were still visible. It was a hideous scar.

“Whoa,” said Virgil.

“Yeah, a real demon did that—my ex-wife,” said Terrance, pulling his shirt back down.

“What happened?” asked Virgil.

“It’s a long story,” said Terrance.

“And he’ll tell it to you over and over and over again if you let ‘em,” said Donny.

Terrance gave him a look. “How long has Rona been your guardian, anyway?”

“Since always, I guess,” said Virgil with a shrug.

“I’m just curious to know what she was doing in a bar hundreds of miles away, kicking our asses a few weeks ago,” said Terrance.

“I don’t know,” said Virgil.

“It’s just odd. Typically, angels don’t even have bodies. Unless they’re fallen angels,” said Terrance.

“She’s not a fallen angel. I know that,” said Virgil.

“How do you know?” asked Donny.

“Because they wouldn’t send a fallen angel to protect me.”

“Is that what she told you?” asked Donny.

Virgil had no response.

“Something to think about,” said Donny.

“I found something,” called Rona from the roof of the building.

Rona directed Virgil and the others around the side of the building. There was a walkway where two of the buildings met. As they walked down the corridor they saw another building that looked exactly the same just up ahead. Rona leaped onto the rooftop of that building and signaled for them to continue around that building as they had done the others. The path between that building and the next one led to a small wooded area. There was a trailer a few hundred meters into the wooded area. They stopped and took cover in the brush out of sight. Rona leaped from the roof of the last building and landed next to them in the brush.

“You think he’s in there?” asked Donny.

“I do,” said Rona. “He left his laundry drying on the clothesline over there. I’d recognize that tacky brown jacket anywhere. Trust me, he’s in there.”

“Only one way to find out,” said Terrance. He pulled out his pistol and prepared to charge the trailer until Rona grabbed him.

“Hold it. The last thing we need is for him to see you coming and hightail it out of here. I’ll go up and knock. You guys wait here for me,” said Rona.

She made her way cautiously up the stone path that led to the front door of the trailer. There was a barely audible singing coming from the trailer as she got closer. She put her ear to the door. There was definitely someone in there. She poised herself to kick the door in but thought better of it and decided to knock.

“Just a minute,” said a voice from inside the trailer. It sounded like whoever it was had their mouth full and was calling from a room a little ways away from the front door. Rona listened as footsteps closed in on the door. She heard the lock twist just before the door opened. Ward stood in the doorway wearing a white tank-top and a pair of shorts. He had a towel draped over one shoulder. His red hair was wet, and he had a beard made out of shaving cream. A toothbrush stuck out of his mouth like a lollipop. His face lit up when he saw Rona.

“Rona!” he said joyously, a little bit of toothpaste flying from his mouth as he spoke.

Rona kicked him in the chest sending him flying into the wall across from the door. He landed on his backside, coughing up his toothbrush and toothpaste. Rona strolled through the door, closing it behind her. The trailer was a pretty cramped space. A couch with a fold-out bed was to the left of her. To the right was a tiny kitchen with no space at all to maneuver. She grabbed an apple from the bowl on the kitchen table. She propped herself up onto the counter and took a bite of it. Ward was still groaning in pain but he seemed to be coming to.

“I see you’re upset,” said Ward, still holding his chest in pain.


“I can explain.”

“I sure hope so,” said Rona. She reached over and grabbed an orange from the fruit bowl on the table and tossed it, hitting Ward in the head with it.


“Feel free to start explaining at any time now.”

“Okay,” said Ward, coughing. “I don’t know where to begin.”

“Start at the beginning. Explain to me how you stole the Blood Gage and smuggled it here. Then explain how you tricked me into aiding you in your escape from its protectors. Follow that up with why you lied to me on the airplane. Then tell me exactly what you’re doing in Colorado. And finish with why I shouldn’t strangle you.” She took another bite of apple. “Mmmm. This is really good,” she said through a mouthful.

“I didn’t trick you. I helped you out and in return you helped me out. That was the deal we made. I never lied to you.”

“Do you have any idea how much more difficult you’ve made my life? And you made me complicit in your little scheme? You’re delivering the Blood Gage to demons,” said Rona, accusingly.

“Demons? What? I’m not sure what you mean by that, Love.”

Before Ward could say anything else, Isaac burst through the door, followed by Terrance and then Donny. Guns drawn, they all fixed on Ward as they entered. Ward’s mouth dropped open in a mix of surprise and fear. Virgil made his way in after them. He stepped into the trailer and stood in the doorway awkwardly.

“I brought a few friends. I hope you don’t mind,” said Rona. She finished off her apple with one last big bite. “Mmmm! Before they kill you, you really have to tell me where you buy your produce.”

“It’s complementary, actually. Help yourse–”

“Shut up!” ordered Terrance.

“Okay. Okay. Sorry,” said Ward, raising his hands in surrender. “I wish you guys would’ve called first. I would’ve picked up the place a bit. I’m so embarrassed.”

“What part of ‘shut up’ don’t you understand? Now tell us where the Blood Gage is,” said Terrance.

Ward sat in silence, biting his lip, his eyes darting around the room.

“Answer me!” shouted Terrance.

“You told me to ‘shut up,” said Ward.

“Don’t get cute, Ward. I’m not saving you this time,” said Rona.

“Where is it?” said Donny. He walked over to the sofa-bed and knocked the sheets off of it. He searched the pillowcases, and then threw them on the floor. Terrance followed suit, emptying the contents of the dresser drawers onto the floor and then searching them with his boot. Isaac went into the kitchen and pulled out the top shelf, dropping eggs and spilling milk onto the floor.

“Lousy houseguests, the lot of ya’!” said Ward, wincing at the crashing noises.

Terrance stormed over and leaned in so that he was nose-to-nose with ward.     “You’re going to tell me where it is or I’m going to start breaking things,” he growled.

“Have at it. This isn’t my place,” said Ward.

“I meant bones,” said Terrance in a low and dangerous voice.


“This is kind of un-angel-like behavior,” said Virgil giving Rona a horrified look.

Rona shrugged.

Virgil averted his gaze and shook his head.

Rona sighed. “Okay, everybody, time out.”

All eyes looked in her direction. Rona hopped down from the counter, walked over and helped Ward to his feet; to which he bowed graciously.

“I’m going to ask you a series of questions, Ward, and I need you to be straight with me. No lies. No riddles. No evading. You got that?” said Rona.

“Got it,” said Ward.

“Do you have the Blood Gage?”

“In a manner of speaking,” said Ward.

Rona grabbed him by the collar.

“You didn’t let me finish! In a manner of speaking, yes I do have it. However, it isn’t here.”

“Where is it?”

“I hid it.”

“Hid it where, Ward?”

“I’m not telling.” In an instant, three guns pointed at Ward’s head. “And…that is why.” He pointed at the guns with both index fingers. “I tell you where it is and these blokes plug me, and then you’re off! And I’m left lying in a pool of me own blood. Noooo thank you.”

“Can I shoot him now?” asked Terrance in exasperation.

“Ward, are you going to give the Blood Gage to demons?” asked Rona.

“Demons? Of course not! I made a deal with this company, Forward Engineering and Technology or FET, if you will. They’re the ones who gave me these new digs and they’re looking to make me a partner,” said Ward.

“You were going to sell the Blood Gage to a company?” asked Donny.

“Not ‘sell,’ rent. I was going to loan it to them so that they could examine it and find out what makes it tick and how it could be used for the betterment of mankind. Then I was going to return it to you guys, I swear. In exchange they were going to give me money, a home, and make me a partner. As well as help with a matter that means more than any of those things combined—but that isn’t something I would like to go into if you don’t mind,” said Ward.

What gives you the right?” said Donny, rage infiltrating his voice.

“There are forces at work here that none of you understand,” said Ward, gravely.

“Who owns this company?” asked Rona.

“A friend—well not really a ‘friend’ per se but you know what I mean,” said Ward. “I told you, Love, my coming here has nothing to do with you.”

“Well you just became my problem. It turns out that the demons that I’ve been dealing with are also looking for the Blood Gage. That means they’ll find you, and they probably won’t be as nice as I am,” said Rona. “Take us to where you hid it.”

“I will, I promise. Just not yet,” said Ward.

Rona grabbed him more tightly.

“I’ll take you to it, but you have to promise that you won’t let them hurt me,” he said pointing to the Templars.

“Okay,” said Rona. “But it has to be now. I can’t risk demons finding you and the Blood Gage.”

“Relax. We’re safe here,” said Ward confidently.

Suddenly, chanting sounded outside of the trailer.

It grew louder and louder.

“What the hell is that?” asked Donny.

“Trouble,” said Rona. “We gotta’ go. Now.”

The Templars drew their guns and took up fighting positions by the door.

Rona grabbed Ward hard by the arm. She turned to Virgil. “Stay behind me, Teenface.” Virgil nodded and took cover behind Rona. They all walked toward the door. Rona gave Donny a nod and he opened the door, allowing Terrance and Isaac to burst out into the open, clearing the way for the others to follow suit. Rona’s eyes grew wide as she stepped outside. Just over a hundred meters away stood a dozen Infernal.

And Goliath stood front and center as their spearhead.

“Crap,” said Rona, releasing her grip on Ward. She took a quick look around. Next to her, on her right stood Donny and Terrance, guns pointed at the enemy. They didn’t look scared at all—then again, they didn’t know what they were up against. To her left was Isaac, expressionless as usual, he had two guns drawn and aimed downrange. Ward was directly next to her, the fear on his face evident. Clearly, he knew the direness of the situation. She could feel Virgil behind her, and hear the quickened pace of his breathing. Her first priority was getting him out of this area. At all costs. She surveyed the area further out. She didn’t see any more Infernal, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any hidden out of sight, flanking their position. The light brush to the right of them would provide some cover, but Rona wasn’t sure where it led. They could run right into a trap. The quickest way out of there would be going over the building on the other side of the trailer. But she was the only one who could make the jump without help. While it wasn’t the easiest way out of this situation it would be the quickest. And quickness was what they needed at the moment. Goliath was fast. Rona had no doubt that he could cover that hundred meter distance in half the time of an Olympic sprinter. They had to move and soon.

“On my mark, we’re going to run around to the back of the trailer, and keep running until we reach that building over there and then climb over the top of it,” said Rona.

“We’ve got a clear shot. We can pick them off before they get any closer,” said Donny.

“We have to get out of here,” said Rona.

“What, are you chicken?” asked Terrance.

“You might want to listen to her,” said Ward, his voice shaking.

“Remember what I did to you guys in the bar? That was a birthday party compared to what this guy did to me last time we met,” said Rona.

“That’s the guy you fought? He’s huge!” said Virgil.

“He’s Goliath,” said Rona.

The Goliath?” said Terrance.

“Yup,” said Rona. “He’s a real mean bastard, too.”

“So, you’re suggesting that we run away with our tails between our legs and find a place to hide?” said Terrance.

“No. I’m advising a tactical retreat, and a later rendezvous at a rally point to regroup,” said Rona.

“Well, when you put it that way…” said Terrance.

“Good evening, All,” said Goliath. He didn’t shout the words, he merely spoke, but Rona and the others could hear him as if he were just a few feet in front of them. “Warrior Female, I did not anticipate you being here, tonight. Shall we engage in our rematch at this time?”

“Um…I would but…” said Rona, searching for a retort and coming up short.

“Tell him your grandma died,” whispered Virgil.

“But my…grandma…passed away. Sadly,” said Rona.

“Hmm. My condolences,” said Goliath in a sincere sounding voice. “You should be comforting your loved ones at this time and praying for the soul of your grandmother. I’ll tell you what, you hand over the Blood Gage and the boy and then you and I can continue our contest after you have had a proper mourning period. Agreed?”

“Um…I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Rona.

“Well, the boy is on your left and the man with the Blood Gage is on your right,” said Goliath. With that he and the Infernal began moving towards Rona and the others at a leisurely pace.

“We gotta’ get outta’ here,” said Rona.

“Do you think if I put one between his eyes it will slow him down?” asked Donny.

“I don’t know. I haven’t tried it,” said Rona.

Without warning, Terrance fired. A direct hit. The impact of the bullet snapped Goliath’s head back, knocking him off balance and forcing him to take a couple of steps backward. He touched his forehead then peered at his hand. “Ow! Who did that?

Ward pointed at Terrance.

Goliath let out a yell and he and the Infernal charged.

“Go! Go! Go! Go!” said Rona, grabbing Virgil and pulling him along. Shots rang out from the pistols of the Templars as they ran around the rear of the trailer and sprinted for the building in the distance. Infernal popped up around them as they ran. Rona fought off two whom sprang from the wood line. “Keep going!” she shouted to Virgil, who obliged.

The Templars had their hands full as they shot at incoming Infernal. The bullets seemed only potent enough to slow the attackers. The three of them took turns reloading, keeping a constant rate of fire on their enemies as they bounded backwards in sequence. Virgil reached the wall of the building, followed shortly by Rona who shrugged off the attacks of a few more Infernal once she got to the wall. Isaac arrived next. He put his back to the wall and continued firing. Rona glanced around for Ward. He was quite a bit behind them all, running to catch up.

“I gotta’…quit…smoking…and…drinking,” he said as he ran.

Then suddenly the entire trailer toppled over and Goliath emerged. He sprinted at a hellish pace. Within seconds he leaped through the air, and caught a hold of one of Ward’s legs, tripping him to the ground.

“Help! Help. Please!” begged Ward as Goliath dragged him.

“They got him!” shouted Terrance just as he arrived at the wall. He was preparing to run towards Ward and Goliath when Rona grabbed him.

“We need to get out of here!” said Rona.

“No! We can’t let them get their hands on the Blood Gage!” protested Terrance.

“I have to get Virgil out of here!” said Rona.

Terrance looked at Virgil, then back at Rona. “I told you we weren’t babysitters!” he said as he grabbed Virgil and began forcing him up the side of the wall.

“You first,” said Rona to Isaac. He stopped firing his two pistols and placed his foot in Rona’s palms. She boosted him up just enough for him to grab hold of the roof. He pulled himself over without much effort. Once secure, he reached down and grabbed Virgil’s arm, pulling him over as well. Rona boosted Donny up, and he grabbed the roof in the same manner that Isaac did. Terrance refused Rona’s help, instead running up the side of the building until he was high enough to grab Isaac’s hand. Donny fired at oncoming Infernal, giving Rona the clearance to get herself onto the roof in a single bound. They ran across the roof until they reached the other side and climbed down. They found themselves in the parking lot where they had parked the car. Rona had to almost carry Virgil as they crossed the parking lot in a mad dash. The Templars were breathing heavy as they arrived at the car. Donny hopped in and started the ignition. He waited until everyone was in before pulling off. Rona was still closing her door and Terrance was still hanging out of the window firing at oncoming Infernal. Sirens blared in the distance as the car pulled out onto the street continued at breakneck speed until they reached the highway.

No one said anything for the whole ride.


Virgil didn’t say anything to his parents when he arrived home. He charged passed them and headed straight for his room. Once there, he slammed the door shut then leaped onto the bed, burying his face in his pillow. He stayed that way for several minutes. Then suddenly, he heard a tapping on his window. He heard it several times before deciding to get up and take a look. He pulled back the curtain cautiously and saw Rona sitting in the tree outside of his window. She waved at him and he opened the window so that she could climb in.

“Are you okay?” asked Rona.

Virgil shrugged.

“I figured,” said Rona.

“Keep it down. I’m not allowed to have girls in my room after a certain time. How did you get up there anyway?”

“I jumped,” said Rona. “Crazy day, huh? Not every day that you find out a staff member at your school is a hell spawn of Satan.”

“True,” said Virgil. “Makes me all the more glad that I didn’t take those pills she gave me.”

“That’s right. Show me”

Virgil pointed to the bottle on the dresser. Rona examined it cautiously before picking it up. She popped open the bottle and poured a pill into her hand. The pill made a sizzling noise when it came in contact with her.

“Ahh!” she cried, dropping the pill to the floor.

“Keep it down!” said Virgil in a hushed tone. He walked over to the door and leaned his ear against it. “What happened?”

“Demon pill,” said Rona. She cocked her head to the side. “If there is such a thing. Definitely negative energy and bad mojo. Just another stupid thing to worry about.” She plopped down on Virgil’s office chair. She rolled her shoulders around uncomfortably.

“You okay?” asked Virgil.

“Just a little stiff,” said Rona with a yawn. “And tired.”

“Maybe you need a massage,” said Virgil.

“Is that an offer?” asked Rona with a smile.

“Um, no.” He rummaged through his drawer and pulled out the VIP card that Charlie had given him. He handed it to Rona. That place is supposed to be an amazing club/massage parlor/hotel/brothel, I guess. I hear it’s awesome.”

“Oh really,” chuckled Rona as she accepted the card. She read it and sat bolt upright. Her eyes grew wide as she read the words aloud. “Intrigue. Oh my…where did you get this?”

“A friend gave it to me. Why?” asked Virgil.

“It looks like I’m going to be paying an old friend a visit.”


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