Who Are The Millennials?

We are the Information Generation

With knowledge at our fingertips

We can find out anything in just a couple of clicks.

Just open the page and type in the word.

We are the generation that made Google a verb.

We are the Connected Generation staying in touch with our friends.

Measuring our self-worth in likes, shares and trends.

Our smartphones at our sides at all times.

It is our right hand,  an extension of our minds.

We are the Lonely Generation that can’t find a date.

The Hookup Generation with no need for a mate.

The Educated Generation,  attending universities.

The In-debt Generation, still paying the fees.

We showed up and fulfilled are bargain

Followed your plan and learned all your jargon

We were told “through education we’d reach the peak of our powers”

That’s what you said, the idea yours not ours

Now they say we’re lazy, full of arrogant entitlement

because we search for jobs with healthcare and retirement

We are the Awareness Generation who’s been paying attention

watching our parents slave away in hopes of pension

What they got was laidoff, foreclosures and debt

They’re pensions blown away

In financial Russian Roulette

We are the Working Class Generation, just happy to be hired

toiling away hoping not to be fired

We are the warrior generation, post 9-11.

The deployed soldier,  The neglected veteran.

Scarred and scared still fighting a war with no end.

We are the Occupy generation that occupied Wall St.

All the while the police occupied us on their beat

We are the Tolerant Generation, politically correct

Still finding the way to show each other respect

We are the Millennial Generation, ready to embark

From all nations, colors and genders

A multicultural Noah’s Ark

So move over everyone, it’s time to take a bow

The millennials are here

And our time is now!

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